LineageOS Build Archive

This is an unofficial archive of current and past LineageOS builds. These builds have been collected from various sources, including the official download page,, user-made archives, and other clickbait sites that shall not be named. In case I missed a source where one can find device/version combinations that aren't listed here at all, or where one can find builds that are newer than the newest build for a device/version combination that I have listed here, please feel free to let me know.
While I ran all of the builds through the signature checker before listing them here, you are encouraged to do the same when downloading a build from here or anywhere else.

The index currently contains 6079 builds. 3305 of those builds are currently stored, using 2.3 TB of disk space. This covers 411 devices and 907 device/version combinations. With an average build size of 779.7 MB, archiving one build of each device/version combination would use approximately 707.2 GB of disk space.

As hosting multiple hundred gigabytes of builds over my residential internet connection isn't really feasible, I currently rely on Backblaze for blob storage. While they are the cheapest option that I can currently find, that still makes me subject to their storage and bandwidth quotas.
In case you found this archive helpful and you want to support it, consider donating over PayPal (preferably including a message, so that I know to put it towards the hosting funds). If you have other suggestions for handling donations, I'd (of course) be happy to hear about them.

Current expenses: $0.05/day (Backblaze) + $0.31/day (managing server)
Current balance: $21.79

Note: Please be responsible with queueing builds for upload and queue only the builds you need. In case there is any issue, feel free to contact me. A list of past abusive incidents can be found here.